UTT is dedicated to develop networking solution in reliable performance at affordable cost for small and medium sized company. These solutions, based on UTT embedded system - ReOS-SE, are comprised of wireless AC/AP, VPN router, gigabit managed switch, all of which provide extremely friendly graphic user interface.


UTT wirelesss product includes WiFi Access Point, WiFi controller and wireless antennnas. WiFi AP is designed for offering converged services in office, hotel, school, etc.  WiFi Controller designed for small to medium-sized networks, including hotels, cafes, lounges, shopping malls, restaurants and schools.


UTT router integrates routing, bandwidth control, VPN, firewall, load balancing, AAA authentication into UTT OS, ReOS-SE, with straightforward and easy-to-use GUI to manage. Little box bring you big power. UTT router is designed to optimize the broadband network and satisfy the needs of different network environment. Therefore, UTT routers have widely used in small and medium companies, hotels, retail stores, schools and etc.


UTT switch combines enterprise-class switching capacity with VLAN, link aggregation, QoS, DHCP snooping, RSPT and IGMP snooping, which help you build more organized intranet network at gigabit speed, or 10G speed. UTT switch delivers powerful abilities of data forwarding and support CLI, GUI and SNMP, which provide customers with the convenience of network management. UTT switch is the ideal choice for small and medium companies, hotels, retail stores, schools and etc.