As a leading networking device vendor, UTT has been dedicated to developing well-proven, easy-to-use and cost-effective networking solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, hotels, retails and schools for 14 years.
Along with tremendous increase of smart phones, tablets, laptops, we have unprecedented demand for WiFi. Especially
in hospitality industry, WiFi is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Guests need to connect to WiFi with their mobiles to
chat with their friends, check Emails, play video games and watch videos.
With tight budget and limited IT personnel, small and medium-sized businesses have been always struggling to deal with IT infrastructure.They need to make sure their sensitive business data are safe; they want to manage access control rights of employees in different positions; they want to connect to the headquarters; they want to control the bandwidth of each employee; they even want wireless Internet access.
As we know, retail stores often have multiple geographically distributed sites requiring mobile connectivity. The headquarters needs to share resources. In the meanwhile, the branches need to report sale volumes and financial statements to headquarters. The efficient and safe communication between headquarters and branches is crucial for the business operating. So building a highly efficient network between headquarters and branches is in the top priority.
It's well-known that the crucial role education plays in countries' economy and prosperity.  When it comes to education networks, we want it to be safe. Unauthorized Internet access is a one of the threats to safety. So AAA authentication is a mandatory. More importantly, we don't want students to visit websites they are not supposed to visit at their age; we want students are on the Internet at specific period of time and not in other time; It's challenging to find a solution to meet all needs and luckily UTT has a suitable solution.