How to configure Full Load Balancing on a UTT Business Router

How to configure Full Load Balancing on a UTT Business Router


This document describes how to configure Full Load Balancing on a UTT Business Router.
Two or more ISP lines are connected to the WAN line and they need to be configured in a Full Load Balancing way.


  1. A UTT Business Router,e.g., UTT router N518W, AC750W or AC750GW, etc.
  2. Firmware Version: 1.7.0 or above
  3. A PC connected to the LAN interface of the router.


  1. Open a browser. Log into the Web UI of the UTT Business Router(default IP address, username: admin, password: admin). Please refer to Figure 1-1.
Figure 1-1
  1. Go to the Load Balancing page under Network>Loading Balancing. Make sure Full Load Balancingmode is selected. Please refer to Figure 1-2.
  1. Click the Detection and Bandwidthtab on the above page.
  2. Make following configuration
Interface: WAN1.
Detection Interval: 1 Sec
Retry Times: 3
Detection Target > Other IP Address > choose a stable IP like the DNS server
Bandwidth: set according to the bandwidth of your WAN lines
Remember to save after configuring each WAN port.
Figure 1-3
  1. Configure WAN2 in the same way.
  2. Click Save to finish the configuration.


The Detection Target should be a steady IP address such as the well known DNS address or the IP address of a famous website.