How to Avoid Wireless Interference on UTT Wireless Routers

This document describes how to avoid wireless interference on a UTT AC750W Router.
1. a UTT Business Router (hereinafter shorted as "the Router"), such as UTT router N518W, AC750W, AC750GW and AC1220GW. Firmware Version: 3.0.0 or above
2. a PC/laptop connected to the Router wirelessly
1. Install "WirelessMon" on the PC/laptop. Download at WirelessMon official website (only available on Windows OS).
2. Run "WirelessMon", select the network card used for the connection to the router and click Start Logging.
3. WirelessMon will detect the distribution of wireless channels in the environment.  If the channel color is either red or yellow, it means there's strong wireless interference on the channel. If the channel color is either green or blue, it means there's weak wireless interference on the channel.
4. Log into the Web GUI of the router, go to Wireless > RF Settings. Choose a 2.4G wireless channel among Channel 1, 6 or 11 if neither of them in the above figure is red or yellow. Otherwise, choose the channel with the shortest bar as your 2.4G channel.