How to Configure UTT AC750W as an Access Point via wireless

How to configure UTT AC750W as an Access Point via wireless

UTT AC750W router supports multiple operation modes: AP mode and three WDS modes including Repeater mode, Bridge mode, and Lazy mode. The Repeater mode allows AC750W to act as a wireless repeater to extend the range of wireless network.

User Requirements

As shown in the following figure, use one AC750W (hereinafter referred to as AC750W-1) to connect to the Internet and use a second AC750W (hereinafter referred to as AC750W-2) in order to extend the range of wireless network. Configure AC750W-1 to operate in repeater Mode, and configure AC750W-2 to act as a Repeater for AC750W-1.
Figure 1


I. Configure AC750W-1.
Go to Web UI of AC750W-1, select Wireless > Basic, select Lazy Mode under Operation Mode, and configure other basic wireless settings as shown in Figure 2 below. Remember the Wireless MAC Address of AC750W, which will be used in the configuration of AC750W-2.
Figure 2
II. Configuring AC750W-2
Go to the Web UI of AC750W-2, select Network >DHCP Server, and uncheck the box of Enable DHCP Server as shown in Figure 3 below.
Figure 3
Select Network > LAN, and set LAN IP address to as shown in Figure 4 below.
Figure 4
Select Wireless > Basic  to select Repeater Mode under Operation Mode, enter the wireless MAC address of AC750W in the first AP MAC Address text box, and configure other basic wireless settings as required as shown in Figure 5 below.
Figure 5


a) AC750W-1 and AC750W-2 must be in the same subnet. In other words, their LAN IP addresses must be in the same subnet.
b) SSIDChannelWireless Mode and other security parameters must be identical on 750W-1 and 750W-2.
c) Enter 750W-1’s wireless MAC address in the first AP MAC Address text box on 750W-2.
d) If there is another AC750W (AC750W-3), please set the same configuration with 750W-2 except the LAN IP address. The LAN IP address needs to be changed to