How to Configure PPTP/L2TP VPN Server and Mobile User Account on UTT Router

This document describes how to configure PPTP VPN Server and mobile user account on UTT AC750W. Configure VPN Server on AC750W, the user who is on business trip can connect VPN server to visit Intranet File Server.
1. a UTT Business Router (hereinafter shorted as “the Router"), such as UTT router N518W, AC750W, AC750GW, AC1220GW, ER518, ER840G and ER4240G. Firmware Version: 3.0.0 or above
2. a PC/laptop connected to the Router wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable
Network Diagram
1. Create VPN Server.
Go to VPN > PPTP/L2TP, click Add. The same configuration on both PPTP and L2TP.
Tunnel Name: Specify a unique name for the VPN tunnel
Tunnel Type:
LAN-to-LAN: It allows two LAN sites to securely connect over the Internet. In this case, either a UTT VPN gateway or compatible VPN appliance can act as a VPN client
Mobile User: It allows remote individual users to securely connect over the Internet. In this case, a laptop or desktop computer will act as a VPN client
User Name/Password: Specify the user name and password for the VPN client
2. Enable PPTP/L2TP at Global Settings on both server and client side, enter Primary DNS Server and click Save.
4. Configure Mobile User VPN Client, you can refer to the knowledge base as follows: