How to Configure Wireless 2.4G & 5G on a UTT Router

This document describes how to modify the wireless name and password on the router.
1. a UTT Business Router (hereinafter shorted as “the Router"), such as UTT router N518W, AC750W, AC750GW and AC1220GW. Firmware Version: 3.0.0 or above
2. a PC/laptop connected to the Router wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable
1. Go to Wireless > Basic Settings, there are two default Wireless SSID with 2.4G and 5G, click to change SSID and Password and save configuration or select Edit for advanced settings.
2. Click edit option, specify related information and select Radio Interface, click Next.
3. Choose Encryption Type and enter password at Pre-shared Key, which is the password, click Next.
4. Configure bandwidth for wireless users and click Save, 0 means no limitation as default. (Click Next until Save configuration at the last page even only changed SSID, otherwise, configuration will not take effect.)
5. Check SSIDs are successful configured. (In this case, users can connect the second SSID without password if the second one was not configured with none security mode. Each SSID is separated even the same.)