How to Setup IP/MAC Binding on a Router

IP/MAC Binding allows you to bind an IP address (either manually configured or via DHCP) to a MAC address and vice versa.
1. a UTT Business Router (hereinafter shorted as “the Router"), such as UTT router N518W, AC750W, AC750GW, AC1220GW, ER518, ER840G and ER4240G. Firmware Version: 3.0.0 or above
2. a PC/laptop connected to the Router wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable
1. Go to User Management > User Group, create a user group.
2. Add users to the group and refer to the following figure. Select IP/MAC Binding at Binding Mode, specify the User Name, IP Address and MAC Address of the device bind to, click Save.
You can click export hyperlink to download the script file to a PC, and then run the file and restart the PC to bind the IP and MAC address of the router’s LAN interface. Also, you can edit a batch file by yourself, and then copy the file into the startup folder of each PC. Please refer to How to Batch Import User Group to a UTT Router.