• 5 x RJ45 Ethernet ports, 1 USB port for Flash Drive
  • AP Load Balancing
  • VLAN based on different policy
  • AP Client Isolation
  • Manage up to 64 APs
  • AP Firmware Auto-loading
  • AP Up/Down Email Alert
  • AP Layer 2 Roaming

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The UTT WX800S (hereinafter referred to as "WX800S") is a WiFi Controller designed for small to medium-sized networks, including hotels, cafes, lounges, shopping malls, restaurants and schools. It provides real-time communications between UTT Access Points (hereinafter referred to as "AP") to simplify the deployment and operation of wireless networks.
WX800S comes with integrated services. It provides centralized management for APs. WX800S can manage up to 64 APs and offer secure wireless service.
Centralized Management
WX800S offers a convenient service of combining users' existing wired networks with UTT's wireless network, which will reduce wireless installation cost. It supports centralized management to deploy APs into different groups and ensure the wireless security.
AP Load Balance
WX800S can load balance APs in the same network. The WiFi controller can control APs to ensure that data traffic through each AP won't be either too heavy or too light.
Secure Wireless Network
WX800S supports VLAN based on different SSIDs and users to divide wireless network into different zones and ensure network security.
WX800S can control APs by scanning the wireless network, wireless channels and bands to identify illegal and legal APs. It also supports real-time control of AP RF scanning to test the signal strength and interference. Based on signal testing results, WX800S can configure/allocate the traffic loading, output power, RF coverage and channel distribution to optimize the wireless coverage and throughput.
Easy to Use
WX800S offers a user-friendly Web GUI for easy configuration. Through this intuitive user interface, users can easily change AP settings, upgrade firmware, get notifications from APs and AP Clients, get alerts of AP overloading and etc.
Specifications Description 
LAN 5 x 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet port
(Auto-negotiation, auto MDI/MDIX)
VLAN Support Yes, VLAN based on different policy
Number of VLANs 4
DHCP Server Yes, multiple DHCP Pool, option 43
Access Point Management
Centralised Management up to 64 Access Points, no license required
Load Balancing Yes
Client Isolation Yes
Real-time Monitoring Yes
User History Log Yes
Traffic Statistics Yes
Status Monitoring Yes
Disable, Restart and Reset Yes
Configuration Template Auto-loading Yes
Firmware Auto-loading Yes
RF and User Monitoring Yes
Up/Down Email Altert Yes
Layer 2 Roaming Yes
QoS(Quality of Service)
Rate Limiting Fixed rate limiting
Management Protocols HTTP(Web GUI)
Event Logging Local, syslog, email alerts
Upgradability Firmware upgradable through web browser, imported/exported configuration file
System Time Supports SNTP, Day Light Savings, Manual entry
Languages English
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 9.1 x 5.6 x 1.7 in. (232  x 141 x 44 mm)
Weight 1.72 lb or 780g
Installation Desktop
Ports LAN, USB
Buttons Power, Reset
LEDs Power, SYS, USB, Link/Act
Power DC 12V, 1A
Certifications FCC Part 15
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
Operating Altitude 0 to 4000m
Operating Humidity 10 to 90 percent noncondensing
Firmware Data Sheet
QSG Manual
Version: 2.8.0 Version: 2.8.0 Version: 2.8.0
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