How to configure a UTT SOHO router as a Wireless Repeater


This document describes how to configure a UTT SOHO router as a wireless repeater on Network via wireless connection.


You have a wireless router and want a UTT SOHO router as an access point to extend wifi coverage.
Components Used
UTT SOHO router AC650W;  Firmware Version: nvAC650Wv1.8.0-150319;

Background Information


Network Diagram
  1. Power on your AC650W, connect your PC to AC650W LAN Port via an Ethernet cable, as shown in Figure 1-1:
Figure 1-1
  1. Check your another router's LAN Gateway IP address (you can check via the label on the router or contact the support).If it isn't, just enter AC650W's Web Interface and skip to step5.
If it's the, you should change AC650W's LAN IP address as    (Any ip is ok, but should not be conflict with your another router, here we just use as an example.). Configure as follows:
Type "" on the address bar to enter AC650W's Web interface, as shown in Figure 1-2:
Figure 1-2
Go to "Application > LAN" page, as shown in Figure 1-3:
Figure 1-3
Click LAN icon, change to, then click Save as shown in Figure 1-4:
Figure 1-4
  1. Disable your Local Area Connection on your PC, then enable Local Area Connection again, as shown in Figure1-5:
Figure 1-5
  1. Type "" on address bar to enter AC650W's Web Interface again, as shown in Figure 1-6:
Figure 1-6
  1. Go to "Application > DHCP" page, click DHCP icon, then disable DHCP Server, next click Save, as shown in Figure 1-7-1 and Figure 7-1-2:
Figure 1-7-1
Figure 1-7-2
  1. Go to "Application > Wireless > 2.4G Settings" page, enable WDS, then click Scan button, as shown in Figure 1-8:
Figure 1-8
     Select the Wireless SSID you want to connect, then click Select, as shown in Figure 1-9:
Figure 1-9
      The information will be shown on AC650W, then click Save, as shown in Figure 1-10:
(Note: In this step, you should use the same parameter of Wireless Channel, Wireless Mode and Channel Width between AC650W and your wireless router.)
Figure 1-10
After the status display Connected,  as shown in Figure 1-11, you can connect wireless to access Internet via AC650W and your wireless router.
Figure 1-11


1. Avoid DHCP conflict, there can't exist multiple DHCP Servers in the same broadcast domain at the same time, and the device which works as an access point should disable DHCP Server.
2. You cannot use the same LAN Gateway IP address in the same broadcast domain , it's better to change the LAN Gateway IP of the device works as an access point.